Pre-application advice:

Planning advice is useful throughout the planning process. Good advice can save you time and money at any of the stages below:

Before an application is made we can advise on:

  • Site potential

  • The best application procedure and strategy

  • What is more likely to receive consent

  • Alternatives available where possible

  • Your application before submission. Reviewing your application ensures the best possible chance your application will be registered first time, preventing delays.

Advice during an application:

You may be asked to revise (make changes to) your scheme during an application. This can be for a number of reasons. If you need advice on what changes to make, please contact us.

Post -application advice:

After a decision has been made J and A Consulting can provide advice and assistance with planning conditions or with what to do next if your application is refused. Please see planning appeals for more information.

Please contact us for an initial discussion and for pricing information.