Planning Authority's refusals and appeals

If you receive a refusal from the Council you have the opportunity to appeal to an independent Planning Inspector. Information relating to a planning appeal is provided on the rear of your decision notice from the Council.

Many architects do not undertake planning appeals. J and A Consulting specialise in planning appeals and can provide advice on the most appropriate appeal procedure for your application.

A planning appeal is one of a number of options available to you when you have received a refusal notice. We can undertake all three appeal processes:

  • Written Representations,

  • Planning Hearings

  • Public Inquiries

Most planning appeals are dealt with by the written representations procedure. This is the quickest method and can be completed in 3 months depending how busy the Planning Inspectorate are.

The Planning Inspectorate does not charge a fee for a planning appeal. The Planning Inspector has the authority to reverse a Council's decision or reach a new one. You can also seek costs from the Council if they have behaved unreasonably and put you to unnecessary expense.


J and A Consulting can offer fixed costs for homeowners looking to appeal a planning refusal on your home. These are set out below:

-Single storey extension/s to a home: £550

- Two storey extension/s to a home: £750
(this may include some single storey, or roof alterations also).

- Residential outbuilding in a home: £650

Appeals for non-householder appeals or other appeal processes are available on request.

Please ensure you provide sufficient time for us to assist you. Remember planning appeals have strict deadlines for submission to the Planning Inspectorate. At least 3 weeks is required to collate all the necessary information and supply a statement to the Planning Inspector.